Sick of inconsistent waves, summer surf droughts, mushy waves, and wind chop? 

We can fix that.

The Megalodon

The Megalodon

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Carbon Fiber Board

Carbon Fiber Board


With a massive 36.5 in wing, you just need a ripple in the water to surf.

Catch any wave. The Epoxy Board allows for maximum maneuverability.


Forecast is showing weeks without waves? We got you. With the Megalodon foil and the Epoxy board, your possibilities are endless. "Dock start" or "beach start" into water as flat as a lake. Fly in 6 inch boat wake. Ride micro-wind chop. And if some waves pop up? Send it. The Megalodon + Epoxy Board love the bigger days also. Flat, Boat Wake, Wind Chop, Swell, Category 10 Hurricane, and everything in between... We got you.

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Designed in South FL, Sold Worldwide

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