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Introducing the Hammerhead Foil. This design has been many years in the making and is truly the ultimate hydrofoil - we absolutely love it! The Hammerhead includes significant improvements on our previous foil models. It features a high aspect design, meaning an emphasis on increased surface area, thin wings, and aerodynamic curvature. The foil effortlessly generates lift, allowing for exceptional performance pumping, wake foiling, surfing, winging, and more.


Link to See It In Action!

Link to Review From Team Rider



- Dock starts (pumping on the foil)

- Wake foiling behind a boat without a rope

- Surfing in all wave sizes - all you need is a ripple in the water

- Winging, SUP foiling, downwinders, "dock-starts", "beach-starts"

- Kite foiling


Unique features:

- Large Front Wing Length (43 inches)

- Carbon fiber and aluminum CORE technologies

- Through years of testing and prototyping, we recognize generating lift comes down to three main attributes: 1) surface area contact with the water (hence the large wing), 2) Minimized drag - we created one of the thinnest wing designs, 3) Specialized curvature to promote lift and effortless pumps (our engineering wizards have been hard at work creating this formula)


What's included?

- Travel Bag, Connection Hardware, Mast, Front Wing, Rear Wing, Fuselage, Base Plate


This design is a culmination of years of prototyping, redesigns, and testing. We could not be more proud to share it with you all. Happy flying - FT Team

Hammerhead Foil

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