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Feather Tech Will Be At Delray Beach Surf Festival

On Sunday, November 24, 2019, Feather Tech will have foil/foil-board info booth at the Delray Beach Surf Festival, showcasing some of our products. The Megalodon foil, Carbon Fiber board, as well as some unannounced 2020 technology will be displayed at the event.

About Delray Beach Surf Festival (via Facebook): "This is the 5th annual Delray Beach Surf Festival. To be held on Saturday November 10th from 9 am to night fall. Surf and SUP contest for all all ages. Beach games for the kids. Relay races and the grand finale tug-of-war. This page will also feature the history of surfing and supping in Delray Beach. Lets play tag. See if you can find yourself and tag yourself. 1000's of pictures to view all of local hero's having fun. This event is a Delray Beach Locals event. All funds will be donated to the Delray Beach Ocean Rescue to help them save lives and get the equipment they need."

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