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  • When was Feather Tech created?
    Feather Tech was created in 2019 by Ben Altschuler and Graham Altschuler, two brothers and avid surfers from South Florida. They spent 2 years prototyping models and have launched 3 lines of foils: the Manta (2019), The Megalodon(2021), and the Hammerhead (2023).
  • Why are your foils less expensive than other brands?
    We started this company out of frustration with the foil market. Foiling was too expensive for most people! Therefore, we started the company with a goal of making our products more accessible for our customers. That being said, we still prioritize quality - our foils could be sold for 3x as much, similar to leading brands. We chose retain a smaller amount of profit per foil.
  • Can I order internationally?
    For Canada - Yes! Please order as normal on the site. For all other locations outside of the US, please contact us at or (305) 209-5253.
  • Did I see this foil on TikTok / Instagram?
    Yes! Our foils have been viral a number of times on both platforms, amassing over 100M views.
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